Visibility And Clarity

You need to know where your vehicles are located at all times. Our fleet tracking solution provides visibility into the vehicles activities providing you vehicle usage and history, movement and current location, driver behavior, geo-fence configuration and engine diagnostic reporting.

Reduce Fuel Expenses

Telematical easily helps identify fuel-wasting behavior like unnecessary idling, speeding and aggressive driving which adds fuel expenses and additional wear and tear on the vehicle.

Less Idling = More Revenue

Extend the life of your vehicles by identifying unnecessary idling. This alone can save hundreds or thousands on a yearly basis. Reducing your engine wear will maximize your vehicle use and save you money on maintenance cost over time.

Improve Safety

Help reduce harsh driving habits can improve fuel savings and reduce risk on the road potentially saving the company from liability and improving overall safety.

Driver Coaching

With Telematical solutions, you spot fuel-wasting behavior and notify the drivers about it when it happens. This paves the way to enforce driving habits that cut back on fuel cost and allows drivers to correct the issues before additional action is taken by management.

Maintain Your Fleet

Telematical provides an easy way to identify when your vehicles are due for maintenance which improves fuel efficiency by keeping your vehicles in top condition in an effort to maximize your MPG.


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